The Five Most Common Types of Patient Transport Equipment

Patient transport tools are used in medical emergencies to move patients from one point to another while providing them with comfort and safety. Patient transport equipment is a life-saver in some instances because a patient continues to receive treatment or first aid while they are on move.

There are different kinds of patient transport equipment that are utilised in healthcare services. Some even work 24/7 to ensure that patients get help at any time. The kind of emergency will determine the type of equipment that will be used to transport the patient. The following are some of the most common types of medical transport equipment that are in use.

Basic life-support ambulance

This type is usually used to move extremely critical patients that require immediate medical assistance as they are being moved to the medical facility. Such ambulance usually contains oxygen tanks, ventilators, splints, and cardiac monitoring among others.

Advanced life-support ambulance

They are also used in extreme situations where a patient needs medical care while they are being moved. It usually integrates technology in its functioning in monitoring the patient’s progress, offering medical shots, as well as medicines. The medical paramedics ensure that a patient is in a stable condition as they are being transported.


It is deployed in cases where patients have back pains or any other issue that may prevent them from staying upright. However, it is not associated with any kind of life-saving emergency.


A wheelchair is of great assistance to patients who are unable to walk on their own. This could be due to disability or a particular kind of disease that renders a patient immobile. The good thing with a wheelchair is its flexibility, you can squeeze it through narrow spaces and you experience little weight while pushing it.

Flight escorts

A flight escort applies to a patient who has a right to travel by air although they require a given level of medical assistance because they cannot stay upright throughout the journey. Such a person is usually accompanied by a nurse who ensures that they are stable and also arrange for ground transportation to enable the patient to reach his destination without any complications.

Factors to consider when purchasing a patient transport equipment

Before you purchase a given type of patient transport medical equipment, you need to keep the accompanying factors in mind.


Patient transport equipment is usually expensive and you do not want to purchase faulty one. Thus, you should first ask for a warrant so that in case the equipment becomes faulty, you can return it to that company for repair and maintenance without paying a cent.

Type of equipment

As mentioned above, there are many types of patient transport equipment and you need to know the exact one that you want. To do this, you need to assess your requirements and then determine suitable equipment that will suit those needs.


You also need to know the cost of each piece of equipment you are purchasing. Try to keep up with your budget by finding a company that offers reasonable prices. You should also consider the location of that company because it will determine the transportation cost that you will incur.

To sum up, this article has outlined the basic types of patient transport equipment that are used in medical facilities and also the factors that one needs to put into consideration when buying patient medical transportation equipment.



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