Laser hair removal Brisbane city

Before you are about to go for a laser treatment there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. It is important to ensure that you do not use any kind of tanning lotion or treatment on your skin and it is better to always use a sunscreen of SPF 30. In fact if it is possible, it is better to use SPF 50.

It is also important to avoid plucking or waxing the area at least 6 weeks before the treatment. It is important to preserve the root and pigment of the hair in order to ensure that the treatment is successful. The day before the appointment the area which is to be treated will be shaved. This would help prevent thermal injury to the surface of the skin. Since there would be no heat of the laser energy it would result in less pain. Also it would allow the laser to enter directly into the hair follicle also the skin at the surface would heal and would prevent any cut while shaving.

During the laser hair removal there are certain safety measures which would be taken. The patient in the room would need to wear protective eyewear in order to reduce the damage to the retina. Also a numbing agent is used with laser in order to minimize the damage to the epidermis. It also increases the comfort of the patient. Certain patients might also want the application of local anesthetic.

Aftercare for laser hair removal

As soon as the treatment is completed the area might have swelling and a little redness around follicles. This usually resembles  Goosebumps but it’s not a great deal to worry about. After 2-3 weeks of treatment 20% of the treated hair fall out. During the healing phase, the area is to be treated gently. It is best to avoid rubbing or scratching the skin. If the rash develops it is going to get better on its own. It is better to apply a thin layer of aloe Vera on to the treated area many times a day to keep it moisturized. Do not touch the area if it is swollen or crusting.

You can also make use of ice to reduce the swelling. However it is important to clean the skin with a clean soft cloth. Any other pain or discomfort can also be treated with paracetamol. Better avoid taking hit baths or going out in the sun because these might react to the laser light. If you do need to apply makeup on the area you must make sure that you remove it gently. Make sure that you avoid all sorts of strenuous activities at least two days after the treatment. Walking is allowed and encouraged as well.

It is better to avoid any hot bath and shower. It is also important to avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water for at least two or three days. Make sure that you do not use any sort of bleaching creams or any products for the next 48 hours after treatment. If you see any signs of infection like fever it is best to immediately contact the clinic. Make sure that you follow all the instructions which have been provided to you in order to prevent any sort of complications.

Follow all of the advice given above for an effective laser hair removal in Brisbane.


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