Health & effect Heat for greater health and well-being

Heat has to do directly with well-being and health – it is something that man has always known by instinct. Nobody likes to be cold, if it is cold they search automatically

a source of heat. Heat is simply good for you and also contributes greatly to mental well-being. The fact that heat can promote health and relieve various pains was known in practice in all cultures and in all eras and countless methods have been developed to introduce heat into the body, in specific points or in general. Thermal treatments already served to stretch the tissues, relieve pain and purify the body.

Nowadays, heat treatments and especially heating treatments offer an incredibly wide range of uses. They can improve circulation and tissue oxygenation, “rinse” cellular interspaces , stimulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system . In addition, heat can relax muscles and relieve pain . Regular heating treatments, such as those made possible by low temperature technology, can therefore present a valuable element for individual treatment plans for many pathologies and are also useful as a form of prevention.

This method also has another purpose compared to traditional applications for the whole body such as eg. sauna, steam room and normal infrared cabins etc.

Gentle heating allows the numerous effects of heat to be distributed especially on the peripheral shell of the body – an advantage for many chronic conditions.

With regular application it can:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • stimulate circulation and improve metabolism
  • ┬árelieve tension and relieve back pain
  • positively influence the treatment of skin diseases
  • A session in the Physiotherm infrared cabin corresponds to approximately 30 minutes of light cardiovascular training .
  • Physiotherm infrared cabins – the best heat for your health.

Come in, switch on and enjoy the treatment!

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