Awesome Benefits of a Bariatric Bed

Heavyweight patients need a special kind of bed that has features and functions way different from standard hospital beds. The specific design of a bariatric bed provides maximum safety and comfort to patients with obesity.

The unique functions and features of a bariatric bed have made them an essential part of hospitals, medical institutions, and home care facilities.

Bariatric beds are medical beds that benefit both patients and their caregivers. Here’s how:


Extremely durable

The strong metal component of bariatric beds enables them to support people weighing 500 to 1000 pounds. Patients with obesity can rest comfortably in the bed without the fear of it breaking down.


Provide maximum comfort

Lying in bed for days on end is the activity of bariatric patients. Comfort is maximised for heavyweight patients by the bariatric bed. The multiple features integrated into the bed help the patient adjust to a comfortable position.


Make the work easier for caregivers

Manually turning a patient with obesity could be an almost impossible task for a single caregiver. The automatic controls of bariatric beds ensure easy turning of patients. A required position is achieved by adjusting the knobs or a remote as in the case of electric bariatric beds.

Easy maintenance

The waterproof fabric protecting the mattress of bariatric beds cannot be easily stained. Less time is spent on cleaning the bed with this outstanding feature. Drying up the fabric of the mattress also takes little time, making the bed a must-have for any home care and medical environment.


Allow easy mobility for patients

Getting in or out of the bed is an easy task for normal-weight people. Not so with people with obesity wherein getting in or out of the bed is a more complicated process. Thankfully, bariatric beds have resolved this issue.

Being able to lower or raise the bed as the need arises enables heavyweight patients to easily transfer to a wheelchair or go back to bed. The process of transferring the patient becomes simpler and easier with help from a medical bariatric bed.


Offer flexibility

The flexibility of either using a remote or the control knobs of a medical bariatric bed enables patients to shift to a more comfortable position without help. It’s not healthy for patients to stay in one position for a long time. Bedsores happen when patients are not moved every two hours. Other than bedsores, airway and blood circulation is also compromised with staying in one position.

The control knobs or remote control provided by a medical bariatric bed ensure that patients stay healthy and comfortable even when lying in bed for a long time.


Temperature regulation feature

The several layers of latex-free fabrics of a bariatric bed allow maximum airflow. The long periods of lying in bed can trap heat. The design of the bariatric mattress offers temperature regulation to maximise comfort at all times.


Wider bed

Turning and tossing in bed occur to people while sleeping or resting. Obese patients are not exempt from it. However, the width of standard beds makes it impossible for heavyweight patients to turn to a comfortable position. The extra width of bariatric beds makes them the only option for overweight patients to stay safe and comfortable while taking a turn from one side to the other.








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